My kids and I like to be outside as much as possible. It’s harder during the week with schooling and extra- curricular activities. We average 60 – 90 minutes outside during the week in the winter time. We might go for a walk, or sometimes we head over to the basketball court and have a play before we start work in the morning. We’ve always been the first on the playground in the mornings. When my kids were smaller we’d sometimes be there at 6.00 am in the summer time.

During the weekend, we have more time, my husband isn’t working, we don’t have kid clubs to attend so we always go for a four – five hour hike. It doesn’t matter if my kids are out for five hours or five minutes, they get hungry. The fresh air and the walking makes them ravenous.

I always try to ensure my kids have enough to eat and a wide variety of foods. This is trickier when hiking as everything has to be carried. I take a variety of ready to eat food – fruit, vegetables, cakes I’ve made and food we can cook on our Kelly Kettle.

This is what we took today for two adults and three hungry boys.

I make a hot chocolate mix that we add boiling water to from the Kelly Kettle. The mix is cacao powder, collagen powder and coconut sugar. I use two teaspoons per drink; this container holds enough for eight cups. The kids go wild for this, when it’s cold there is nothing better than a quick hot chocolate to warm you up.

We also bring along food that can be quickly cooked on top of the Kelly Kettle. Today we had omelette – bacon, pepper and mushroom which I cut up and prepared at home in one container. Eggs that I cracked and put into another container. The walking made them nice and mixed by the time we were ready to cook.

Cooking an omelette on our Kelly Kettle

The kid love cooking food outside. We spent around an hour at our picnic spot collecting wood, cooking and messing around. The Kelly Kettle is compact and easy to use, when we had finished cooking it all fits back inside itself without any hassle. It is lightweight and really adds another enjoyable layer to hiking and being outside.

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