Well Easy is making healthy grocery shopping easier and more affordable. This online grocery store focuses on high quality, sustainability, and affordability. Founded during the Covid pandemic by business partners Sonny Drinkwater and Josh Barley this start up champions healthy people, products and planet. I’ve been a paying Well Easy member for over a year now and thought I would share my experience.

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What is Well Easy?

Well Easy is an online grocery shop accessed by becoming a member. The membership structure means that organic, non-GMO food and healthy products can be purchased at lower prices.

Well Easy has a wide range of goods including organic groceries, gluten-free products, vitamins & supplements, beauty products, and more. Well Easy places a focus on responsibly sourced products, high standards, organic, and sustainable goods.

well easy
Well Easy

Why I Joined Well Easy

I am a passionate advocate of sustainability and try to purchase goods that match my values. This means I try to buy organic whenever it is possible, non-GMO, low waste items, and ethically sourced goods.

However, buying organic food can be really costly. I had read that Well Easy tried to be competitive with their prices and compete with grocery stores retail prices, so this intrigued me.

On top of the financial and sustainability aspects, my son has severe eczema and food allergies so I have to be extra careful with his diet. As a family we are grain free and my son follows the GAPS protocol. This makes me extremely mindful and conscious of the food that I purchase. I spend a lot of time reading food labels!

Well Easy offer a lot of alternative products such as spaghetti made from black beans, pretzels made from cassava flour, that I can’t purchase at a regular supermarket. I can try my luck at mu local health food shop, but most often I can’t find anything suitable nearby.

I was intrigued by the idea that Well Easy could make finding my alternatives easier as you can actually shop by dietary restrictions on their website. Now instead of having to head to a regular supermarket and spend hours traipsing up and down the aisles with my kids I can have some of my favourite things delivered right to my doorstep.

ossa organic products from well easy

How Does Well Easy Work?

You can enjoy Well Easy for a thirty day free trial which can be cancelled at any time. Customers can pay monthly membership fee of £8.00 or join with an annual membership fee of £48. After your 30 day free trial, an annual payment of £48 will be taken from your account for the annual membership to continue using the WellEasy store. This annual membership renews every year. If you pay monthly then £8/month will charged every 30 days. 

Well Easy also offer member rewards: for every £1 you spend, they give you three points. Every 500 points is converted into a £5 voucher that can be redeemed in the store. There are additional points on certain brands, if you follow their social media and birthday rewards.

Once you have created an account, you can then log in and shop from a wide range of healthy foods and natural products. After you’ve checked off everything from your shopping lists and placed the online order, your order will be shipped to you and show up on your door step.


While customers can shop by food type or brand, one of my favourite parts about Well Easy is the ability to shop by a specific diet. Customers can filter by gluten free, grain free, keto, paleo, vegan, low FODMAP, organic, and many more. You can also filter health and environmental requirements such as SLS free, palm oil free or BPA free, fair-trade, and sustainable farming.

This is a great way to easily avoid the overwhelm of the food shopping for someone with dietary restrictions. I can quickly find foods we can eat with one click and household items that align to my lifestyle.

well easy product categories

Is Well Easy Sustainable?

Thrive Market has a lot of eco-friendly initiatives. For a company that started during the 2021 Covid pandemic, they’ve been committed to being sustainable from the start.


Well Easy offers carbon neutral shipping thanks to ground shipping. The packaging used is fully recyclable.


Well Easy carry a huge range of over 1500 organic products.

Well Easy focuses on sourcing responsibly sourced groceries. They vet every brand before become a stockist, asking questions about their certifications, sourcing, manufacturing and packaging to ensure the whole supply chain meet the highest standards in ethics and sustainability.


As Well Easy believes healthy food is a priority, not a privilege, they are working to make healthy food more accessible.

  • For every paid Well Easy membership, a free membership for a student, teacher, NHS worker, armed forces veteran, or low income family.
  • Well Easy promise all members that if they don’t at least make their membership back in savings during their time with us, then we’ll refund the difference.
  • Well Easy offer free gifts and free shipping with orders over £50.
  • The member’s rewards system turns points into vouchers that can be redeemed against future orders.

A Well Easy Review

I have absolutely LOVED being a Well Easy member. As a family that has to cater for dietary restrictions, Well Easy has made it incredibly easy to purchase the alternatives I need AND discover new snacks that I didn’t even know existed.

According to my Well Easy account, I paid £36 for the annual membership (price of membership in 2022) and have saved £156.76 within the first year.

well easy my latest food order
My latest food order

Shipping is FAST. My Well Easy boxes always order within 2-3 businesses days which is great when you struggle to keep an eye on your food cupboard like I do!

I also love that Well Easy has regular items on offer that give members more points and most orders come with a free gift of at least three free items. I think this makes it more accessible to try new products. I’ve discovered a few snacks I love from their free gifts!


well easy hu gems
Hu Gems

I think these are some of the best products from Well Easy! I order these regularly!

  • Ossa Pasture Raised Gelatine – I re-order this all the time and use it daily. I add it to porridge, make ginger and orange gummies and marshmallows.
  • Hu Gems – I was so excited when Well Easy started carrying this brand. Hu make the best chocolate bars. These gems can be eaten alone as a little snack and are absolutely delicious added to chocolate muffins.
  • Explore Cuisine Black Bean Spaghetti – My kids love that this is black, it tastes great with bolognaise, is high in protein and only takes five minutes to cook.
  • Hunter and Gatherer Avocado Oil Mayonnaise -Made with avocado oil, this mayonnaise is sugar, seed, milk and grain free.
  • Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops – I add a couple of drops to water to ensures I’m getting a full spectrum of ionic trace minerals.
  • Biona Coconut Milk – I go through these packs of four extremely fast! They are perfect for curries and pancakes and much cheaper here than anywhere else.
well easy hunter gatherer avocado mayonnaise
Hunter and Gatherer Avocado Mayonnaise

Since I’m been able to filter and shop by “grain-free” I’ve discovered so many awesome new snacks that my children can eat. It’s taken the pressure off me having to make everything from scratch myself.

I have done some price comparisons while shopping at my local supermarket and health food shop and I believe Well Easy products have lower price points. For example: a four pack of Biona Coconut Milk is £6.55 from Well Easy, whereas it is £8.80 to purchase in store.

Along with my favourite items listed above I buy a lot of our pantry items and household essentials such as almond flour, avocado oil, sanitary pads, tomato pasta, healthy snacks, and spices from Well Easy. I appreciate that it’s so easy to have these staples delivered to my door. It saves me a lot of time when I do go to my local supermarket since there is less to buy.

A Purposeful review: Is Well Easy worth it?

For me personally, I would say yes. As a family with food intolerances there are certain items that can be hard to find and that I can only get at health food shops, so having them easily delivered to my door step has been a huge help.

Even if you don’t have a food intolerance, but are just looking to eat more healthy & organic foods, I think Well Easy is worth it!

Well Easy offer great customer service, they are always super fast to reply to emails. If an item is damaged in transit they replace it or refund immediately and provide a voucher as an apology.

I also welcome that I can easily see the values of each food brand and have the nutritional information and ingredients list easy to view. Well Easy has helped me save money and made shopping easier.

If you have dietary needs, are looking to purchase more organic foods, or are just looking to take a bit of the stress out of grocery shopping, I think this online marketplace is an excellent option and worth a try.

Well Easy Discount Code

If you’re interested in giving Well Easy a try you can use my referral link for 20% off your first order. Use the code ‘PURPOSEFULLY10‘ to receive £10 off your first order over £50.

Hopefully this review helped you decide if Well Easy is a good fit for your lifestyle!

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