Die off occurs when the probiotic bacteria (from meat stock, probiotic drinks and vegetables) attack and kill the pathogens in the gut. The pathogens release toxins, and the toxins can make people unwell. Die off symptoms vary individually and can include symptoms such as tiredness, aches, pains, skin rash, emotional instability and sleep problems. People are able to tolerate different levels of die off and the die off period varies in discomfort and length for everyone. There are a variety of ways to support someone who is experiencing an uncomfortable die off reaction.

Enemas are a great way to support die off symptoms as an enema unloads the liver and reduces general toxicity. After cleansing the bowel with water enemas, some people are able to further cleanse and detoxify by having a coffee enema.

Toxins can be eliminated through the skin, which can cause pain, irritation and damage. To alleviate the symptoms overnight applications of honey and / or seaweed powder can be applied. Bathing with oatmeal or bentonite clay can provide relief.

Another way to lessen die off symptoms is to gauge and amend the consumption of probiotics and meat stock. Both of these cause the pathogens in the gut to die, so sometimes it is necessary to slow down or stay steady at a level that is right for the individual whilst they go through a die off period. Once the die off reaction has cleared, the person is then able to increase the amount of probiotic and / or meat stock. This cycle can be repeated many times as the person heals.