• Kitchen Alchemy

    Kitchen Alchemy

    Kitchen Alchemy: the act of taking simple foods and transforming them into nourishing, tasty delights. GAPS foods are simple: meat, vegetables, fermented foods. The food is prepared simply, in the early stages both meat and vegetables are simmered in stock . In the past month I have eaten soup multiple times a day. I don’t… Read more

  • We have eaten all the soup

    We have eaten all the soup

    We are entering are third week of the GAPS introduction diet, tentatively moving from Stage one to two with a the aim to get to Stage three in the next few days. We have eaten all the soup! So much soup – breakfast, lunch, dinner and every snack in between. I make a fresh batch… Read more

  • Following the GAPS protocol for eczema

    Following the GAPS protocol for eczema

    Disclaimer: I am not a certified GAPS practitioner or coach and this is not medical advice. My son has severe eczema, through my own research I have found that following the GAPS protocol is beneficial for his long term healing. These are the steps I have taken, however everybody’s healing and health journey is different.… Read more

  • A Purposeful review: Is Well Easy worth it?

    A Purposeful review: Is Well Easy worth it?

    Well Easy is making healthy grocery shopping easier and more affordable. This online grocery store focuses on high quality, sustainability, and affordability. Founded during the Covid pandemic by business partners Sonny Drinkwater and Josh Barley this start up champions healthy people, products and planet. I’ve been a paying Well Easy member for over a year… Read more

  • GAPS Chicken, coconut and cauliflower curry

    GAPS Chicken, coconut and cauliflower curry

    One of the biggest problems I have as a home educating parent is lack of time. I could always do with a few extra hours in the day to get everything done and have time to relax. One way I ‘make’ time is to pre-cook most of the meals. This GAPS chicken, coconut and cauliflower… Read more

  • GAPS fudgy chocolate cookies

    GAPS fudgy chocolate cookies

    Is there a better taste and feeling than having a freshly baked cookie? Everything about the experience is a sensory experience: mixing the batter, licking the spoon, the smell when they’re cooking, the taste! My kids go wild for these GAPS fudgy chocolate cookies. This is my go to cookie recipe. My son has severe… Read more